About us


Concert hall ‘Latvija’ is a music, art and education space offering unique content, with excellent acoustics, refined repertoire and broad technical capabilities. A visit there will be an unforgettable art experience, with a world-level sound and architecture.

At the concert hall, music aficionados can enjoy the music of Latvia’s top musicians and bands, as well as the exclusive performances of musicians from abroad. This is a venue for various artistic events encompassing many genres, for international cooperation projects and educational events. The repertoire is put together taking into account the local and national context, at the same time ensuring that the audiences are offered a diverse performance schedule, with key emphasis on foreign musicians that perform only one concert in Latvia or in the Baltics as part of their tours, and on the first presentations of new musical compositions. The opportunities opened up by the concert hall make it possible for establishing new traditions in the cultural life of the region, and for inviting world-class musicians and international concert programmes never experienced before in Latvia, and perhaps never to be experienced in the future.

The concert hall’s point of pride is undoubtedly in its impeccable acoustic characteristics, which have already been recognised as excellent by specialists and by musicians, both Latvian and foreign.

The Grand Hall of the concert hall ‘Latvija’ has two unique musical instruments: a manual acoustic organ made by Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, and the world’s biggest 4.7 m upright piano, made by Dāvids Kļaviņš, piano maker of Latvian origin.

The concert hall was designed by the German architect David Cook’s studio Haascookzemmrich Studio 2050. The construction was co-financed by EU funds and the state, it began in February 2017 and ended in July 2019.

The unique nature of the building is characterised by its energy efficiency solutions and the multifunctional design of its interiors. The design of the building includes 13 technologies that improve its energy efficiency, propped up by the use of sustainable construction practices, and eco-friendly and long-lasting materials. At the same time the logistics of the building and the layout of its interiors makes it possible to bring the Grand and Small Halls, the Music Secondary Schools, a music library, a recording studio and a cafe together under the same roof, without any of them interfering with each other, thanks to the sound-proofing.