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Contemporary music sessions MA | Anne Müller

Famous German cello player Anne Müller will perform on 24th October in Ventspils, Concerthall Latvia as a part of contemporary music sessions MA.

Anne is highly valued artist, who is fluent in many languages of music. She’s born and raised in Berlin and has studied performing arts  atHanns Eisler Academy of Music and she achieved masters degree in Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, whilst studying under professor Michael Sanderling.

The cello player has often taken part in creating music for other musicians, and joined their recording sessions. She’s played with German sound maker Nils Frahm on duos album “7fingers” as a part of British label “Erased Tapes”. She’s also taken part in recording sessions for the soundtrack of the movie “Victoria” (2015). It received the German Movie award for Soundtrack of the Year.For many years Anne Müller has performed alongside Danish piano player and singer Agnes Obel. Recently she has taken part in a piece “Solo Collective Part One” together with Markus Sieber, Alex Stolze and piano player and conceptual artist Sebastian Reynolds.

More than 60 records have been added to her Dicogs profile since it was created in 2007, but her debut album “Heliopause” was finally released just last year. This album has her signature all over it - she’s composed, recorded and produced it. The name of the album means 'border behind which solar winds lose their strength'. In other words - it is the end of our Solar system.

The word and its embodied idea got “stuck” in Anne's head after learning about two voyagers, or cosmic ray instruments that were launched in 1977 to explore the outer planets and interplanetary environments of our Solar system. They've crossed the heliopause, lost the power of the Sun and now travel in the interplanetary space.

Somehow it was the same way musician felt at the time. Not only because she’s approaching the age equal to those voyagers lost in time and space, but also because Anne Müller has entered a previously undiscovered space after many years of participating and contributing to initiatives of other musicians.

“Heliopause” and its following performances to promote this record is a significant turning point for the artist - the end of a long travel and a start of wandering to discover new worlds.

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