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Duo Svaneborg Kardyb I Matīss Čudars Trio I Concert


On Friday, 5 August, in Ventspils, at the Concert Hall “Latvija”, a special night double concert will be performed by the Matīss Čudars Trio and the keyboard and percussion duo Svaneborg Kardyb from Denmark.

Nikolaj Svaneborg and Jonas Kardyb are a duo of instrumentalists considered by many to be the rising stars of Danish jazz. And there is tangible proof of this – two Danish Music Awards Jazz Prizes in 2019, both for young artists and for Nikolaj Svaneborg as Composer of the Year. Their debut album “Knob”, released three years ago, was widely acclaimed in Denmark, not only by the aforementioned professionals, but also by the audience. It was only natural that the duo’s concert life and breaking outside their home country would become more and more intense – since the spring, the duo has been signed to the reputable British label “Gondwana Records”, which also features artists Hania Rani, Vega Trails, GoGo Penguin, and others already known to Ventspils audience and still eagerly awaited.

Inspired by Danish folk music and Scandinavian jazz, the duo’s original music is at once sophisticated and joyful, as it flows with beautiful melodicism, restrained minimalism, infectious rhythms, and barely perceptible touches of electronic music. In other words, Svaneborg Kardyb’s work is permeated by a pure, almost childlike joy of being and making music together.

“We started in the earliest of mornings with the blackest of coffees. Sometimes we didn’t even talk, just played music. In that moment, we felt a harmony between our individual styles and the very first compositions came out of their own accord. I think that feeling has remained the backbone of our small collective since the first rehearsals and co-creation sessions”, says Nikolaj Svaneborg.

Both musicians are from Aalborg, where they first met in 2013 and the idea of making music together was floated in the late-night conversations. True, it took about six years, each of us playing in different ensembles, for the idea to materialize. As in the aforementioned London duo Vega Trails, the two Danish musicians have a lot of space to fill or leave empty.

“We enjoy both the simplicity and the need to concentrate when it’s just the two of us making music together. Each of our musical experiences is unique. Nikolaj grew up with Scandinavian jazz, but as a musician I have been shaped in an environment dominated by tradition, folk music, and blues. To put it simply, our original music is the sum of these experiences, which doesn’t try to pretend to be something else”, adds percussionist Jonas Kardib.

Matīss Čudars and his like-minded trio – drummer Ivars Arutjunjans and bassist Edvīns Ozols – are also well known to Ventspils audience, but not in this line-up and not by performing a programme that features Matīss’ original compositions. Indeed, for more than a decade the members of the Matīss Čudars Trio have regularly met in a wide variety of jazz, popular and academic music events, collaborating with countless local and foreign artists, which over the years has contributed to their mutual understanding and the development of a peculiar, eclectic musical language. The music created by Matīss and performed by the trio is constantly permeated by improvisation and the spirit of freedom. It reflects the boys’ shared interest in rhythm, the jazz tradition, the endless possibilities of their musical instruments and... basketball!

The two-part night concert, which is to take place at the Concert Hall “Latvija” on the Ventspils City Festival weekend, will be unusual in that the audience will be free to choose their seats in the hall or among the musicians on stage, as well as to change them during the evening, of course, without disturbing the artists and other visitors.

Tickets for the night concert of the duo Svaneborg Kardyb and Matīss Čudars Trio in Ventspils, Concert Hall “Latvija” are available in the “Biļešu Paradīze” sales network.


Duo Svaneborg Kardyb at the house concert within the live concert series “Tiny Desk”: https://youtu.be/M1mg0yLDzvU
Matītis Čudars Trio performs “Blu” in the Latvian Radio studio: https://youtu.be/meFvqXUZFs4

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