Great Hall

Erased Tapes I Lubomyr Melnyk, Douglas Dare, Hatis Noit I vaccinated, recovered

Erased Tapes is proud to present another rare evening of music that showcases the label's sonic diversity with its Latvian debut.

The evening will be heralded by London-based Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit who will share works from her highly anticipated upcoming full-length album. English songsmith Douglas Dare will be joined by a local string quartet, presenting songs from his latest album Milkteeth. Ukrainian Continuous Music pioneer Lubomyr Melnyk will be closing this very special night with masterful grand piano performances of pieces from across his catalogue.

Known as ‘the prophet of the piano’ due to his lifelong devotion to his instrument, Lubomyr Melnyk is finally gaining a momentum in his career that matches the vibrant, highly active energy of his playing. Cascades of notes, canyons and rivers of sound: there’s something about his music that channels the natural world at its most awe-inspiring. There is genuinely nothing quite like Melnyk’s work: a unique musical pioneer, he has defiantly carved his own path.

With Milkteeth, his third and most stripped back studio album to date, English songsmith Douglas Dare has established himself as a serious 21st century singer-songwriter with an enduring lyrical poise and elegant minimalist sound. Dare’s music speaks of his own experiences of universal themes like love, loss, and childhood. Perhaps most importantly, his music gives a voice and a sanctuary to anyone who’s ever felt unusual or out of place.

Hailing from distant Shiretoko in Hokkaido, Hatis Noit's accomplished range — inspired by everything from Gagaku and operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and pop vocalists — is astonishingly self-taught. It was at the age of 16 when she realised singing was her calling. Hatis Noit was instantly aware of the visceral power of the human voice; a primal and instinctive instrument that connects us to the very essence of humanity, nature and our universe.

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