Great Hall
Duration1 h 30 min. / 1 daļa

Flamenco Guitar Concert By Daniel Casares MAGITERRANEO

Daniel Casares / Guitar
Pedro Córdoba / Dance and hand clapping
Jesús Corbacho / Singing and hand clapping
José Manuel Posada “Popo” / bass
Manuel Valencia / Hand clapping
Miguel Ortiz “Nene” / Percussion

Daniel Casares presents in this European tour a show in which what matters is not the place from where you start or the port where you arrive but all the experience, the emotion and the knowledge that you bring from the road. After an impeccable career that is on its way to the Olympus of the greatest flamenco guitarists, Daniel Casares now returns to Eastern Europe bringing the Mediterranean as his numen and poetic magic that inspire him.

In this musical event, you can enjoy beautiful melodies that bring us the perfume and essence of the lands where olive trees and laurels sprout best, the joy of the palms, a carousel of arpeggios capable of taming the fiercest Poseidon, “bulerías” of amber and ebony, a choral of tangos, and other diverse “palos” that make up a repertoire woven of voluptuous notes and delicious nuances whose only intention is to leave us stranded for a long time in a happy and calm sea.

Finansed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and  Ventspils State City Municipality.



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