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Italian pianist and composer Federico Albanese I Concert

On Sunday, 7 August, the Italian pianist and composer Federico Albanese will perform at the Concert Hall “Latvija” as part of his "Before And Now Seems Infinte" tour.

Federico Albanese is originally from Millan but has been calling Berlin his home for almost ten years now. The musician, who studied piano from an early age, went there with his wife Jessica Einaudi in search of a more lively artistic environment, with their family now rooted there. Like many teenagers, Federico alongside the many hours spent playing the piano developed an interest in punk rock and jazz. He started to play both the clarinet and bass guitar and played in various bands, while becoming particularly interested in ambient music. Just before leaving for Berlin, Federico and Jessica also launched “La Blanche Alchemie”, a creative union inspired by folk and dreamy pop music. This short and concise retelling of the artist’s creative career is meant to outline what is found in his music, but at the same time only roughly prepares the uninitiated listener.

“The best artists, at least those who I consider to be the best, always challenge themselves and aren’t repetitive. I have always found it much more inspiring. This time, I also wanted more excitement in my arrangements. The accompanying string sections are deliberately not sterile and stuck in the background, as is usually the case in classical music. I wanted to make the other musicians sweat, too!” says the artist, speaking about his album "Before And Now Seems Infinte", released earlier this year.

The fourth full-length studio recording, released on the prominent Mercury KX label, is the author’s reflection on space, on the cut-off between “past” and “present”, “reality” and “fantasy”, and “memory” and “remembrance”. In the captured moments and time flashes, Federico’s own experiences are reflected in contemporary piano music, a little electronica with subtle references to jazz and avantgarde pop music. Perhaps the poetic mood of the album is characterized by Marcel Proust’s words “remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were”.

“I must admit that I have never been inspired by modern music. I always draw inspiration from the past and sometimes it even has nothing to do with instrumental music. The record Marquee Moon of the band Television is, in my opinion, the greatest record of all time. When I’m passionate about something, I simply listen to musicians who have done something amazing without giving it much thought. Like the krautrock collectives Can and Faust. They pushed boundaries, they did what nobody else dared to, and that’s what impressed me the most. That’s what I try to do in my music, and at least that kind of attitude seems so important to me,” says Federico Albanese.

Federico will arrive to the concert in Ventspils directly from Padova, Italy. Sleepless, perhaps influenced by the chaos of the world’s air traffic, but with his characteristic directness and simplicity, he says: “Don’t worry I’ll make it to you!”

Tickets for the concert of pianist and composer Federico Albanese in Ventspils at the Concert Hall “Latvija” are available in the “Biļešu Paradīze” sales network.

Video for the song “Meridian”: https://youtu.be/X38dcvElsW8

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