Great Hall

Jean Baptiste Doulcet & Aurelija Shimkus

In a beautiful summer evening concert, Jean Baptiste Doulcet and Aurelija Shimkus will play the world's largest vertical piano 470i created by Davids Klavins. In a free atmosphere, we will enjoy the magic of wonderful piano music and amazing improvisations. 

Aurelija Shimkus will perform "Summer Evening Music" by Pēteris Vaskas, Ferenc Liszt's Second Ballade for piano and Igor Stravinsky's Three Movements from the ballet "Firebird" arranged by Guido Agosti. Jean-Baptiste Dulce will present masterful improvisations inspired by this music, creating a new and unique experience for the audience. 

Jean Baptiste Doulcet, born in Paris, is a pianist, improviser and composer. Jean-Baptiste Dulcet is considered one of the rising stars of the French piano. He has performed in world-famous concert halls and important festivals as a soloist and chamber music performer, internationally known for his improvisational concerts. Jean-Baptiste Dulce is a laureate of several international piano competitions.

Aurelia Shimkus [Aurēlija Šimkus] received the prestigious German music prize "Echo Klassik" in the category Best Young Artist of The Year. Since that time she has performed as a soloist together with the English Chamber Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Latvia, Kaunas Philharmonic Orchestra, Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, Dortmund Philharmonic and others. Aurelia Shimkus has been invited to numerous music festivals and concert series, e.g. to Interlaken Classics, Next Generation Festival in Bad Ragaz, Puplinge Classique, Kissinger Sommer, the Kurt Weill Festival, the Schumann Festival in Bonn and others.

The exclusivity of the concert hall piano "Klavins M470i" is due to the resonator and length of strings contained in the metal frame, the piano has a full 88-key keyboard. The vertical arrangement of the strings gives the sound of the piano a very timbral, deep and deep sound. The total height of the piano is 4.70 m, the length of the longest string is 3.90 m, and in order to reach the keyboard, the pianist has to go up a specially built staircase. Concert hall piano 470i is unique with its sound character, dynamics, clarity and sound sustainability.




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