Great Hall

Kimmo Pohjonen’s accordion solo UZone

December 5, 2021 Ventspils concert hall “Latvia” offers the performance of the always challenging Finnish musician – the eccentric accordeonist Kimmo Pohjonen.

Although often and for publicity purposes referred to as “possibly the world's most fearless” acordeonist, it is undeniable that Kimmo Pohjonen has challenged the limits of the accordion as an instrument and its frames of performance, he is still doing it and nothing suggests he might ever miss ideas. The artist mostly plays on a specially designed instrument that is accompanied by different effects. His created compositions are vibrant, rich in new, bold and inspiring sounds. In the performances, where he skillfully combines accordion, wire instruments, vocal and visual effects, Kimmo Pohjonen offers a unique and unforgettable experience to his audience.

During his career, Kimmo Pohjonen has participated in various musical projects, gaining prestigious awards and nominations. The musician has both received Finnish Jazz magazine Jazz Rytmit two awards “Accordionist of the Year” and the BBC Radio 3 “Awards for World Music” and the “Planet Awards”. The artist has provided concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and at many other festivals. After several concert visits, Pohjonens is well known and popular with audiences in Latvia.

Kimmo Pohjonen is exploring the new and unknown in his new solo piece “Uzone”, in which the accordion is an electronic machine that creates image and light in addition to a real-time layered soundscape.

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