Great Hall
Duration1 h 10 min / 1 daļa

LINDA LEEN "Games of light. Light is only half the story"

Singer and composer Linda Leen,
Rihards Efeja-Lībietis (guitar),
Vocalist group “Midnight Five”,
Jānis Pelše (organ).
Arranged by – Andris Sējāns, sound director – Didzis Simanovičs.

“Games of light” includes both familiar Christmas music and one that will come as an unexpected surprise to listeners this festive period.

This Christmas concert adventure is a duo to light and darkness. It's shaped like a mosaic of emotional halftones, from the most ethereal moments of light message to the deepest hints of darkness in a full spectrum of light, piercing it with beams of ease and hope. Songs from Linda Leen's albums “So quiet and holy” (2000) and “Christmas sounds” (2009), corals “Oh, Holy night” and others, Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah,” a passage from Z.Liepin's opera “the Cathedral of Lady Paris,” as well as songs from the band's legendary album “Songa of faith and devotion,” will air in the church atmosphere (1993), created by musicians during the very complex pressures of fame, addictions, personal and group existences challenges about the anti-meta cravings of darkness, the eternal quest for truth, meaning and questions that have no rational answers. As an affirmation of the asylum afforded by the Supreme.

Organised by: SIA "Art Management Group".

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