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Pantha Du Prince I vaccinated, recovered

The famous sound artist and producer Hendrik Weber or “Pantha Du Prince” from Germany will perform his only concert in the Baltic States on Sunday, 8th of August, in concert hall “Latvia”.

For nearly two decades, producer, composer and artist Hendrik Weber is known by his stage name “Pantha Du Prince.” For a large part of the audience, his young years creative work associates with club music, and many regard him as one of the electronic music heavyweights at the beginning of the millennium, speaking the words of “The Field,” “Burial” and “Lindstrøm” in one breath.

Probably for some the changes in the artist's recent albums “Conference of Trees” and in the recent disc record or vinyl “429 Hertz – Formen von Stille” would seem quite sharp, but an attentive audience would admit that the environment ambience, the sound of nature, the acoustics of the room, the instruments and the founded objects sound features have always been presented in “Pantha Du Prince” creative work.

“Forest is a magical place. All its inhabitants, the smallest creatures, have always fascinated me. I wasn't even twelve, I knew I would live in the forest. I didn't have such a clear confidence about anything else at that time,” said Hendrik Weber once in an interview.

If, even years ago, the sounds of nature and the recordings of the field were quite imperceptibly, but at the same time described the music of “Pantha Du Prince”, accompanied by people dancing in nightclubs until dawn, in the last few years nature in Weber's compositions manifests itself in all its glory. The musician unquestionably expresses his belief that nature, our surrounding of itself is a musician who can both listen and govern himself.

Man and nature play by the rules of leader and receiver and it is clearly audible and felt in the latest recording of Hendrick Weber made during the pandemic time. These “forms of silence” in music seem to want nothing more than comfort and heal us.

At the beginning of the concert – solo performance by the saxophone virtuoso Liudas Mockunas (Lithuania).

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