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Spectrum. Anna Wibe & Ventspils Big Band

Spectrum. Anna Wibe & Ventspils Big Band

The concert will feature the "Spectrum" series of original compositions by the composer and pianist Anna Wibe, composed especially for the Ventspils Big Band, with piano, trumpet and voice as solo instruments. The compositions are in modern jazz style, which will sound unique, fresh and relevant. In the concert, both the big band wind group will stand out as a musically strong and timbrally versatile unit, as well as the rhythm section and especially the piano with technical and rhythmic skills, as well as the soloists with freedom of improvisation and good sound.

Anna Wibe is a jazz pianist and composer from Latvia, who studied at the Estonian Music and Theater Academy. She works as a piano teacher at the Ventspils Music High School in the jazz department. Anna has participated in various music projects, both in the Baltic States, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Bangladesh. In 2020, Anna's debut CD album - Anna Wibe - Vibes was released.

Soloist Linda Kanter from Estonia has shown herself to be a very virtuoso and talented performer both in the Baltic countries and outside them. Trumpeter Gatis Gorkuša is active in concerts with several bands known in Latvia, incl—Latvian Radio big band, "The Sound Poets" and others.

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