Great Hall
Duration1h 50min. / 2 daļās

The Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna

Performers: The Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna, conducted by maestro Peters Guth.

The Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna has been the official Vienna orchestra for 30 years. The orchestra has gained international recognition for its original interpretation of Viennese music, performing a wide repertoire of classical works as well as pieces by the Strauss dynasty and Viennese operetta masters. The orchestra features not only Austrian musicians but also the finest performers from around the world. The orchestra's performances are often full of surprising musical jokes and operetta excerpts.

Conductor Maestro Peter Guth, a student of the famous David Oistrakh, staying true to the tradition of Strauss' fellow musicians, conducts with a violin in his hands and does it so vibrantly and masterfully that every listener is caught up in the vortex of the music.

Organised by SIA "Teatron"

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