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U. Marhilevičs’s and G. Račs’s song cycle “Return of the light”

Performers: A. Krauze, A. Ērglis, G. Grasbergs, U. Marhilevičis' band and Jāzeps Mediņš Riga 1st Music School Boys' Choir conducted by Romāns Vanags.

Composer Uldis Marhilevičs: “programme “Return of the light” was made in 2001 when the conductor Romāns Vanags came to me with a request that it would be nice to compose a few songs together for his boys choir. We joined together with the lyricist Guntars Račs who found a great theme, which is timeless – light against the dark, the battle between light and darkness. Since the making of this twenty-one year has passed, today we hear it again, and in the context of everything happening in the world and the cruel wars is up to date again.”

Lyricist of the cycle, poet Guntars Račs: “Marhils and I have collaborative works, among them for choirs and soloists, but the cycle “Return of the Light” is a special piece. Not only because the first line-up of performers was excellent, but also because it is our most musically and textually rich work together, each song of which has also proved individually vibrant. I am very proud that the song cycle has stood the test of time and will see new performances. The theme of the light returning is also particularly relevant in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The light always returns, no matter how dark everyday life may seem."

Conductor Romāns Vanags: "Our choir's collaboration with composer Uldis Marhilevičs is long, deep and wide, and that is why I am very happy that this Autumn and in early December - when it starts to get dark outside - his concert programme "Return of the Light" will be performed in Latvia, so in a way we will be light carriers. Interestingly, this very programme was first performed by our boys' choir twenty years ago, and even now, when several generations of boys have grown up and the choir has changed, " Return of the Light" is still relevant. And the other interesting fact is that we will be joined by Ance Krauze, who was the first soloist in this programme twenty years ago. In addition, Marhils is currently writing new pieces for the programme, which will also be performed at these concerts."

Singer Ance Krauze: ""These are truly unforgettable memories of singing this cycle together with Zigfrīds Muktupāvels and Mārtiņš Freimanis at the School Children's Song and Dance Festival. So, undeniably, for me, this programme is associated with Mārtiņš Freimanis, and whenever I hear one of the songs from the cycle, especially the last one, "Mēs varam līdzās būt", where Mārtiņš sang, I immediately remember it, and it seems like it was very recently... So coming back to this programme after twenty years will be interesting, and even in these years I have occasionally sung some of the songs from the cycle with Uldis at his concerts in the Sakaslejas Church, and I have also sung these songs at the anniversary concerts of the Boys' Choir. Now that we have had a break, we will see what the feelings are, but I think they will be quite positive. And there will definitely be memories of that time."

Organised by: SIA Art Management Group

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